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PERFECT! Now that you have a sense of what you're creating, it's time to figure out what materials and hardware you want to use...but where do you start searching?! Sourcing for the right materials is difficult; you want to make sure it's the quality you desire and the perfect price for your budget. Here are a few tips to being a responsible while sourcing. 

1) Know your materials

  • Have you considered all possibilities?

  • Are you being conscious of how your materials will perform under various conditions?

  • Will the material change over time and ware down? How will it?

  • Do the components and materials you plan to work with require expensive tooling?

  • Are you working with materials that strike the right balance between cost and quality?

  • How easy can your materials be traced back to their origins, when it comes time to test for safety

2) Know your suppliers

  • What does your supplier’s inventory levels look like?

  • How often do they restock?

  • What are their turnaround times and chances of discontinue?

  • Get to know the person you are buying your materials from.

  • Are you just a number to them or do they value you as a customer regardless of how much quantity you buy?

  • Do they have time to answer your questions?

Customer service is key! Especially is you want to have a long term relationship with your supplier

3) Test your materials

  • How durable is the material?

  • Does it perform well for its use?

  • Nothing lasts forever, but how will the material ware down? What will it look like?

Pretend you're the customer for a second. What are you looking for in your product?​

Sourcing alone is can be overwhelming! The Clutch Made Team is always looking for new designers to work with to develop your product and launch your business. Contact us today and we'll work with you to source and more. We're the factory you can talk to.

Post by Amanda Wang

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