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5 Hacks To Boost Your Brand

Building your personal brand from the ground up is not an easy effort, of course. Building any brand takes perseverance, strategy, and generous amount of time. To make the process a but easier for you, I've come up with five techniques that can help you gain that extra edge in boosting your personal brand.

1. Create a brand logo

Our minds are incredible and can interpret an image then associate it with something else within seconds. By creating a brand logo, people will engage with your company and won't have a problem recognizing wherever they see it. 

Just to name a few examples: Coca-Cola's cursive script, Glossier's pink italic font, and YouTube with it's red button. 

At Clutch Made, we can work with you to determined where your logo can show up. See it on a bag, a dust cover, or hang tags. 

2. Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is on their smartphones not only to connect with friends but also to discover new brands from bloggers, ads, or other higher influencers. By figuring out which platform which best for your brand image, you won't invest your time and energy with the wrong network. 

The best part about using social media to market your brand is that it's free. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are all the rage these days so posting valuable content will reach people all across the globe.

With our social media services, the Clutch Made Team can work with you to create all the platforms you need to get your brand started. We'll create your account and connect them together to make your life easier.

3. Website

Today, customers are using the internet to search for the products and services they need. Having a professional website for your business will give it credibility compared to the competitors who lack a website or have a poorly designed one. With the right layout and design, your business will be easily accessible, informative, credible.

Along with setting up your social media, the Clutch Made Team can create your website. We'll make that first impression count so that customers can identify who you are and if they want to spend money on you. 

Check out some of the work that we've done: BLK BLU NYC, Clutch Bags, Linda Busch PC

4. Consistent Professional Pictures

So, what should you put on that beautiful website of yours? Showcase your work! Use your social media and website to display your products with a consistent aesthetic and high quality photos. I know, the iPhone does a great job shooting pictures on the go, but having a professional do the job will make your life easier.

Contact us here for a quote! We provide photography and styling services that'll make your products look ready for the market.

5. Trade Shows

Why are trade shows important for your brand? It's the perfect way to actually meet your customers and for you to really promote the brand! Know what your brand is about and sell your story. ENK accessories show in New York City is one of many shows you can attend. Visit their calendar to figure out when and where the next show is! 


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