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5 Tips for Great Product Photography

Updated: May 18, 2018

Product photography is shot differently than a photo you’d take of your friends or yourself. It uses techniques to show off the best angles of products to inspire people to purchase them.

It is essential to get the best product photography you can no matter if you plan to use exclusively online ads, offline ads, or a mixture of both. Potential customers should only see your product in its best light.

1) Get a Great Background

When you have the right background, it makes editing your photos so much easier—especially if you use a white or light colored background. It’s easy to remove in Photoshop and really make the image your own.

2) Have a Steady Hand

You know when you take a picture and it looks pretty clear on your small digital screen but blown up on a computer it’s easy to tell it’s out of focus?

The easiest way to avoid that is by using a tripod! They bring consistency, stability, and focus to your shots. That way you’ll always have the same perspective of your product and you won’t have to worry about your hand moving.

3) Use Color to your Advantage

Color helps reinforce a brand. Are you a brand that values craftsmanship or luxury? Or do you want to have your brand to have an energetic or highly stimulated persona? There’s a color palette for that! Using color properly and understanding its psychological qualities can make for a powerful tool

4) Understand the Different Styles of Product Shots

  • Studio Shots:

These shots focus solely on the product. When selling online, these have proven to be the most effective. The background is usually simple and the product is well-lit.

  • Lifestyle Shots:

This style of photography shows how your product is used in real-life scenarios. They are especially helpful when you want to show the relative size or fit of your product such as cuffs, handbags, collars, etc.

  • Glory Shots:

These are the elaborate photos you see in magazine spreads and print ads. They are highly stylized versions of lifestyle shots that showcase the item in all of its glory. They take the most amount of work to set up and organize but you end up with amazing results

5) Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to be creative when taking your product shots (just don’t distract the customer from the real star—your product!). It’s okay to make mistakes when finding your best light. Experimenting with different backgrounds, colors, and shot styles will lead you to find the best photography style for your product and your customer base. This will increase your sales and open you to another output for your creativity!

Many of these tips can be applied to taking your own product shots at home but if it feels overwhelming, fear not! Here at the Clutch Made Factory we are able to take product shots in a variety of styles. We can even do video and stop motion.

Whatever your product is, the Clutch Made Team is able to get its best angle.

Contact us today to see how we can bring your product to market.

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