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American made @ maker's row

Sitting in an office all day, you can get a little stuck. How are you supposed to meet real world clients whose projects suit your factory? How can you reach out to people without even leaving your office chair? The answer may be simpler than it seems.

Maker's Row is an intermediary resource for American Made companies. So how does it work? Clients can search for over 11,000 US manufacturers to connect to the right factory for their idea or product. For the factories it acts as a way to connect, collaborate and gain clients. It allows the client to manage their project and manufacturers to see if they are the right fit for the project.

Why is this important? Not only does Maker's Row emphasize the importance of being American made, they are also contributing (through their platform) to the US economy and creating opportunity for connecting factories to makers.

Makers row have been at the forefront of making product-based business production more accessible. They have provided a platform for making easily and are truly a business-to-business company. What they have done is a great marketing tool for companies to align themselves with and benefit from. Makers row is the embodyment of a new generation of making.

At Clutch Made Factory we really live and breathe #AmericanMade. But more than that we are your end-to-end manufacturing process. We have such a wide range of services, that really set us apart from other factories in the way that we are the new generations of factories.

If you have an idea and want to create a product and make a business out of it, we are the #factoryyoucantalkto. From tech packs, sourcing and manufacturing, to social media, photography and branding, we really do it all to bring your dream to life. We are a design agency factory that works for the modern day person, in a modern day world. Let me tell you what I'm talking about; if you have an idea and you want to turn it into a business, we are the right factory for you. We have impleneted services in our company to go from process to process so you only need one manufacturer for everything you need from start to finish. We will walk you through the process, so we know your product from start to finish, and we know you.

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