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Black Friday Strategies for Accessory Brands!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

As we are always reiterating, a well-made branding job is one of the keys to a successful accessory brand. That includes having a polished logo, maintaining the social media platforms that are right for your business, staying on brand with your blog content, social media copywriting, and website.

Moreover, you must be up to date with what’s happening in the marketing world. If not, you will remain behind your competitors. Black Friday is the biggest commercial selling date in the United States, and that’s why we have prepared some tips about a few key strategies to keep in mind if you are an accessory brand ready to sell this Black Friday season.

send purposeful mailers

If there is technology out there to be used, why don’t we take advantage of it? Mailers are a powerful marketing strategy that easily allows a brand to talk directly with its customers.

The best way to use a mailer in your brand’s favor is by scheduling one day of the week to send the mailers to your entire mailing list. As time passes, the mail recipients will get used to receiving your mailers -- and even if they don’t buy anything from you, you’ll still be on their minds and inboxes every week.

With Black Friday fast approaching, the mindset should remain consistent. You must start talking about Black Friday to your audience as soon as possible, letting them know your brand will release Black Friday promos. Consequently, people will pay more attention to your brand messages, waiting for the promotion to be online.

use Professional photos

When the competition is fierce, that’s when you need to stand out from all the others. In November, the month of Black Friday, every brand and retailer will be betting on their best to win the sales race. If you’re selling accessories – which are very specific products that the consumer has to look at before they buy – the images you choose to use should be strong and beautiful.

As we discussed in our latest blog, a picture tells more than a thousand words. If your products' pictures look great, then the person viewing them will have a positive takeaway about your brand.

For this Black Friday, consider investing in professional photography for your accessory photos. When talking about business, we always recommend that the more professional you can be the better.

apply a Sense of urgency

Marketing strategies are all about what you do and how you do it. Black Friday is just one day, but Black Friday pre-sales and sales talk continues throughout the entire month. The focus of the talk is to prepare the audience for the special promos that are up and coming for that special day, so the consumer should sharpen their eyes and be ready for all the deals. Thus the call for urgency.

Furthermore, remember to emphasize the reasons why someone should take advantage of your special Black Friday promo and buy your accessories. Describe the quality of the material, the versatility of the shape, and how great looking your accessory will be combined with holiday outfits.

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