Can I make an all-American made bag?

Updated: Feb 16

At Clutch Made, we have clients ask us all the time - 'Can I make a bag all in the USA?'. And our answer is NO. But that does not mean that you can't then call your accessory or bag USA made. Why? Because it is virtually impossible to make a bag all in the USA from start to finish. Even if you use local artisans, manufacturers and companies - you still have to think about your materials and where they came from.

Since modernisation of America, and post the industrial revolution, we made increasingly less and less in the USA in terms of raw materials. Where we used to produce and source our own raw materials like cotton, yarn and hardware, we now outsource. So even if you find a leather in the USA, the raw material itself could be from Italy or even China. As you look further and further into where each raw material comes from, it becomes essentially impossible to track.

Even if you do track all USA raw materials, they are bound to be miles more expensive than any other raw materials. Why? Because as we produce less and less and rely on international imports more and more, the supply decreases, making the capacity to generate raw materials more expensive, especially if you are looking to create