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clutch made consultations

As almost everything begins to return to normal in the US, spring/summer is the perfect time to take a look at our Clutch Made consultations. You might be able to do a course online, but you most definitely are never offered one on one sessions with experts. We think this is such a valuable one on one experience, that offers you in depth information, resources and more all tailored to you, your business and your brand!

That's why at Clutch Made Factory we have consultations for everything! Keep reading below to find the perfect consultation for you, or read more here. You can purchase any of our design consults, or our online course/design consult bundle here.

A one hour design consult with Laura Dotolo, in person or via phone; it covers all the necessary steps for starting your brand and creating your product.

A one hour design consult with the Clutch Made Team, via zoom or phone. This consult covers all the necessary basics of social media and how to set up your brand online. Learn insider tips for creating content, hashtags, finding followers and becoming your brand's art director. Fine-tune your visual identity and find your own brand voice!

A 45-minute phone consult with the Clutch Made team. In this design focused consult we will address your design questions and challenges for your project. We will review design details, specs, concepts and work with you to find the best solutions to bring your product to life, all while taking into account USA’s manufacturing capabilities and your budget. We will explain the difference between off-the-shelf options and custom-made items, go over bag construction basics, and work on fine-tuning your design.

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