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Clutch Made factory on makers row

This week Clutch Made Factory was featured on Makers Row, as the 'factory you can talk to'. With our complete manufacturing services, we are an accessories factory located in the heart of NYC's financial district. Specialising in the development of handbags and accessories, our factory offers everything from design consultations, tech packs and sourcing to branding, social media and more.

Makers Row is a great place to find the right factory, because finding the right fit for you, your budget, your brand and your project is incredibly important. Why? Because you'll work hand in hand with your factory from start to finish of the process. This means good communication, understanding and trust are important from both parties. You want your brand and product manufacturing and development to be as seamless and ideal as possible. What we love most about our services and team at Clutch Made Factory, is how unique they are.

Most factories or manufacturers in America will only provide select services for your product, i.e they will only produce it, or only make patterns or samples for you. We think it's really nice if you can have a support team from the very start who understands your design and can guide you through the process every step of the way. At Clutch Made we believe a holistic approach to our services is vital. From your first free call to your final product, we aim to provide all-rounded services with our talented team of designers and creatives.

With over thirty years of experience collectively from our team there is little we haven't seen in the industry. We are able to use our knowledge, connections and resources to guide you through the entire process of creating marketable accessories in the USA. If that sounds like too much of a step for you right now but you're still looking to turn your passion for accessories into products, our new online course is a great opportunity for your to learn and gain all the tools and skills you need from the comfort of your own home, within your own time.


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