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defining sustainability for yourself

Sustainability can be one of those topics that you either love hearing about, or hate hearing about. But with all the green washing companies do to seem sustainable or reverse the unsustainable ways in the eyes of consumers, how do we really define sustainability? And what does it mean to you?

The true definition of sustainability is to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Essentially sustainability is about maintaining a stable environment. But what about when it comes to environmental sustainability and the impact our choices have on our current environment as well as the future?

There are many ways that sustainability factors into our everyday lives. I think about when I'm starting my day at 6.30am. I wake up, have a shower [hello water consumNption], brush my teeth [more water consumption], and wash my face [you guessed it, water consumption]. And that's all within 10 minutes of me getting out of bed. Let alone everything else that I interact with throughout the day or the resources I use. So it may seem helpless to try and change any of my habits when all of them are so integrally entwined with using resources. But I like to think that there are habits and behavioural changes that do make a difference.

For example I always bring a reusable water bottle. I also have a reusable coffee cup. And most days I pack my own lunch so I eliminate excess take out waste! I use reusable makeup pads rather than single-use ones. And that's just the beginning.

I think what people don't realise is how we can frame sustainability to make a difference without dramatically changing our lives. I have defined sustainability for myself and the differences I can make without spending a lot of money on sustainable alternatives.

So what about at Clutch Made? As you know we make locally, source locally and manufacture locally. Nothing goes to waste. Materials that we don't use or need anymore get donated to a variety of close organisations such as Materials for the Arts. We have a plethora of collaborators such as Helpsy who help us start and maintain meaningful conversations around sustainability. And we are always looking for ways to improve. But we have defined for our company what it means to be sustainable, and as we evolve and grow we always stay true to those definitions.

So don't sit around waiting for the right time, go out and define sustainability for yourself today.


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