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Dust covers: Sure beats plastic!

Dust covers are your new sustainable packages. So you made a beautiful product and now you're selling to customers. What says quality and care more than recieving a beautiful product in a custom made dust bag. Recently we have seen a resurgence of dust covers, especially in custom designs and fancy constructions.

So what's so great about dust covers anyway? Not only are dust covers a sustainable packaging alternative to say plastic, but they are also multi functional. After you buy a bag you now have a dust cover that will increase the longevity of the product. They can also be repurposed as shoe covers, packing bags, accessory holders or somewhere to put smaller bags in to organise. The possibilities really are limitless.

But what does it mean to the customer when you have a dust cover for your product? That your brand cares and instills quality and luxury in their products.

So how can you make custom dust covers with us? Head to our Clutch Made dot Com to find out more. Here's a lovely review from our amazing client Ofaolian leathers on his new custom dust bags.

So incredibly excited about what came in the mail today...custom 👏 dustbags 👏 I finally am able to do this and am so so so pleased with the results. I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful team at @clutchmadefactory and can’t begin to praise them for their professionalism, patience and thoughtfulness going through this process. Looking forward to many more fun projects with y’all! Thank you so much for everything you’ve already done. It may seem like a small deal but it by no means is, at least for me. I’ve wanted to have custom dustbags foreverrrr. CHEERS! 🥂✨

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