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Embracing the Fashion Revolution: Our Dedication at the Clutch Made Factory

Updated: Apr 16

Greetings to our fashion-forward community and conscientious consumers! Today, we embark on a journey exploring a movement reshaping the fashion landscape – the Fashion Revolution. As a brand deeply committed to ethical practices, we, at Clutch Made Factory, proudly engage in this transformative journey.

Fashion revolution

Situated within the vibrant streets of New York City, our team boasts a diverse array of individuals from various corners of the globe. This diverse ensemble infuses our creative process with fresh perspectives and experiences, fueling innovation and underscoring our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in every facet of our work.

At Clutch Made Factory, we firmly advocate for fashion to serve as a catalyst for positive change – championing the well-being of both people and the planet. Embracing the fundamental tenets of the Fashion Revolution, we prioritize transparency, sustainability, and equitable treatment of workers throughout our supply chain.

Vogue image, fashion revolution


Transparency stands as a cornerstone of our accountability. From sourcing materials to crafting our bags, we meticulously ensure that each stage of production adheres to the highest ethical standards. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we uphold fair wages, safe working conditions, and the protection of human rights across all our operations.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our mission. Acknowledging fashion's environmental impact, we diligently work to minimize our ecological footprint through responsible sourcing and manufacturing techniques. Whether through repurposing materials or reducing waste, our aim is to safeguard the planet for future generations.

Equitable treatment of workers is a fundamental principle for us. We firmly believe that every individual involved in our bag-making process – from skilled designers in our team to dedicated artisans – deserves respect and dignity. Our factory serves as a bastion of safety and empowerment, valuing each worker's contributions.

Fashion revolution

Fashion Revolution

As we progress on our brand journey, our commitment to ethical practices remains steadfast. We recognize fashion's potential to enact positive change and are honored to play a part in the Fashion Revolution movement. Together, let's forge a more sustainable, just, and inclusive fashion industry – one bag at a time.

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