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Fashion week trends in making

Fashion week is all-important in the design world. As a factory that helps create marketable accessories, made in the USA, it's important to understand what's going on in the world of making. #clutchmadedotcom is the factory that lives in #NYC and we're here to look ahead at some of the #nyfw trends in making that you'll see hit the runways this week, and the shops next season.

The first trend we see emerging in making is the use of bold and bright patterns and prints. Scaled florals, polka dots and contrasting materials will be a huge trend we see translated from runways to accessories.

One of our favorites in the #clutchmadeoffice is all about new ways of tailoring and working with materials. From detailed embellishments, to reimagining iconic, vintage designs and metallic fabrics to fringe. Everything is taken to the excess.

Material manipulations and trends will be emerging from the runways. Here are some of our favorites to watch and then translate into #americanmade accessories. Oversized material excess on bags and clutches will make a huge statement to accessories. Feathers and fringe will also create statement and focal moments on pieces. A more refined trend will be the use of tailoring and minimalism in creations that still are iconic and timeless.

Do you want to get started making #americanmade accessories? We create marketabke products from start to finish so head to our services page now!


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