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Gift Design with the Clutch Made Gift Card!

Updated: Apr 19

The holiday season has arrived! This is the time of year when we start to think about gifting the ones we love with special presents! However, finding a special gift that fits that special person isn’t easy. That’s the reason why we created the Gift Card – with the Clutch Made Factory, you can give someone their dream by giving them a Clutch Made gift card. Read the text below to understand how you can gift any of our services by giving a Clutch Gift Card plus some recommendations.

How does the Clutch Made Gift Card work?

Clutch Made offers gift cards for all services and bundles available in our online store. For example, you are able to buy the online course by clicking on the shop page> gift card and then choosing whichever service you would like to gift. You can choose between the Online Course, Design Consultation, Tech Pack Consultation, Social Media Consultation, Online Course and Design Consult Pack, The Product Design Pack, and The Business Bundle. To learn more details about each service, you can access the shop page.

After the payment confirmation, our team will contact you within two business days to deliver your gift card of choice~ to you or to the recipient.

Gift Card recommendation #1: Product Design Pack

One of the choices that is available for you to buy as a Gift Card is the Product Design Pack. The Product Design Pack includes the online course, How to Make Accessories in the USA, as well as the one-hour Design Consultation and the Tech Pack Consultation. This is one of our best-selling services and design packs that we offer and is truly the most thorough way of getting started designing your accessories and understanding the overall process.

Our team of experienced professionals collaborates with all of our clients to find the best solutions for bringing their accessories to life, all while working within the USA's manufacturing capabilities, and your vision.

Gift Card recommendation #2: Online Course and Design Consultation pack

Our second service recommendation for a Gift Card is the Online Course + The Accessory Design Consultation Pack.

This pack is a one-hour design consultation with Laura Dotolo, a 20-year veteran designer. The consultation covers all the necessary steps for starting your brand and creating your product

Plus, it is combined in a package with our online course for designing and making accessories in the USA that will show you all the steps from creating your brand to selling your product.

Great opportunities for creative minds!

Who doesn’t want to see their dream come true? Gift someone you love their dreams of designing their handbags and accessories brand, and bring it into reality with the Clutch Made Factory Gift Cards! CLICK HERE to purchase a gift card now!

If you’re not sure which service you should gift, we would suggest trying the Online Course for only $50 with our Black Friday special available now – the online course is usually $125. The Online Course for $50 will give you the opportunity to discover if this is the journey that is right for you or for your gift recipient.


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