gifting sustainably & virtually

In an article on the 36 ways to give and receive sustainably this holiday season, Vogue writes that the holidays are a time that can seriously wrench your sustainability plans. Even if you use a reusable coffee cup all year round, or haven't touched a plastic bag in years, the holidays can seem to be a never ending field of consumption and waste. The sheer number of gifts you may need to buy can make conscious shopping difficult.

With 2020 shifting how people order food, shopping, clothes and more, the increase in online shipping and carbon footprint of increased production has greatly impacted our environment. So how do you shop sustainably, ethically AND locally this holiday season? It may seem impossible at first, but the team at #clutchmadefactory have decided to bring you a new way to shop sustainably and virtually this holiday season. The answer? Gift Cards - perfect for giving the gift of design, creativity and business! Why should shopping locally, ethically and sustainably be ridiculously expensive?!