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Give the gift of design with 50% off

Give the gift of design this holiday season to someone who has loved you all year round. The gift giving season can be a challenge, but why wait to give your design savvy loved ones the gift of their dreams? Our design consult is now 50% off!

All you have to do to show your gratitude is give them the gift of a design consult. A design consult with Clutch Made in New York City pushes them one step closer to their dreams. Not in nyc? Keep in mind, we can do it over the phone and can make any American dream come to life.

But why is making in the U.S.A so important? Looking as far back as the 1870s, making in the U.S.A has been a core part of American design and fashion. At Clutch Made we believe that the art of making is the key to designing in the U.S. We are going back the core roots of American design production. Bringing you design and craft this holiday season.

The team at Clutch Made helps turn ideas into product driven business. With extensive design experience we offer asethetic as well as practical business input for designing beautiful bags and accessories that are economical to manufacture in the USA. During our consultations we discuss who, what, when and how you are going to take your concepts to market.

The Clutch Made Factory is your one-stop-shop for all services that can turn your hypothetical into a reality. Starting with a free consult, we then offer design consultations, tech packs, sourcing of materials, pattern and sample making, branding and merchandising, website and social media, photography and videography, and you can even sell with us at Clutch Bags.

Why wait any longer to help bring someone's dream to fruition? We are the factory you can talk to and we are available today for their first step into creating a profitable and stylish accessory.

Contact us now at Clutch Made.


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