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Happy Earth Day

Today we celebrate Earth Day. The purpose of the celebration is to give a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. We at the Clutch Made Factory are committed to sustainability. Therefore, we invite you, dear reader, to make small reflections on how you can contribute to sustainability.

With the advance of capitalism and the growth of large industries, the concern about socio-environmental impacts is growing more and more. The shortage of raw materials, the inadequate disposal of various materials, as well as the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere are just some of the environmental concerns that have been discussed. The impacts can be catastrophic if action is not taken – however, for this situation not to worsen, there needs to be a change in our society as a whole.

It is necessary to break paradigms and rebuild habits that have been built for years – for this reason, the change that we must make to contribute to nature is not something that is accomplished in just one day. When you have a commitment to sustainability, it is necessary to be constantly involved and engaged in this mission. It is necessary to rebuild in this way of life that was created, always looking for new ways to contribute to life on our planet.

One of the most discussed dialogues regarding the environment today is the large-scale production and rampant consumption of products. The consequences of this can be disastrous - large productions are often linked to the disposal of products that become obsolete and to various types of pollution, which can be involved from discarded materials up to and including the transport of these products. Several major brands have already been denounced for burning dead stock – a problem that unfortunately is not uncommon these days.

There are several ways to combat such attitudes – but the main one is to be directly involved with local and smaller-scale companies. We at the Clutch Made Factory are committed to our responsibility to the environment. As we continue to produce products in New York City, we are consistently looking for ways to create products in the most sustainable way possible – from product ideation to post-production. Our entire process is done locally in the heart of the United States. Book your consultation now and start creating responsibly with Clutch Made Factory.


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