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How our factory gives back to theater

As an all-American made and manufacturing agency, the Clutch Made Factory loves to give back to our own New York community. In the recent wake up calls to climate change and global warming, we at Clutch Made we try to minimise our footprint and global impact by donating left over and unused materials to foundations that can repurpose it.

We work with foundations like the center for the Holographic Arts, Brooklyn Acting Lab, and Chabad Early Learning Center to find new ways of giving our material a second life. The fabric that we donated gets used in different ways for each foundation. Thank you letters we have recieved from these organisations have aided us in understanding where our materials are being used and how they are given a second life.

Repurposing just makes sense to us at Clutch Made. The Brooklyn Acting Lab offers young theater programs and comprehensive training programs to youth and adults in order to create innovative, inspired, and heart-filled work that reflects Brooklyn's diverse community. Brooklyn Acting Lab uses Brooklyn as a backdrop to explore the life, passion, and human experience within the borough. Our donation of left over materials to Materials for the Arts provided materials for Brooklyn Acting Lab's production of Willy Wonka Jr. The mission of Brooklyn Acting Lab is to repurpose materials to create theatrical works that nurture new talent and provide comprehensive arts training for children and adults. The team at Clutch Made is proud to help bring affordable educational theater programming to our community.

We like to think of our 'give back' ventures as the modern day hustle. Every company should be looking locally to source and make their materials. We would like to encourage other businesses and individuals to give back locally so that we all are supporting our own communities and building a brighter tomorrow for the future of art, design and environment.

Do you want to get involved in giving back to your community? There are heaps of great organizations like FabScrap and Materials for the Arts that will take your material waste and recycle it so you can give your leftovers a second life, as well as help your community and our environment.


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