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In the district: creative money

This week on the blog we are excited to introduce our new podcast series with V Mora founder Anna Livermore. V Mora is a NYC Garment District based fashion and accessories consult services that helps brands connect with all the manufacturers and resources they need to create successful fashion brands and products. Alongside Clutch Made Factory founder Laura Dotolo, the two discuss weekly conversations around making locally, making in the USA, working with your manufacturer and finding creative solutions to designing, money-making and overcoming business problems. With their combined expertise, Anna and Laura have meaningful and insightful weekly conversations that are of benefit to any designer, creative, brand or local maker who loves the idea of making in the USA.

This week on In The District, Laura and Anna discuss creative ways to make money. A topic that is very relatable to designers, entrepreneurs and small business owners during the COVID-19 era. From the changing fashion and accessories landscape to the successful brands that are pivoting to this new wave of consumerism, Anna and Laura bring in fresh and interesting perspectives as female business owners who focus on USA clientelle and local connections. Laura and Anna discuss the retail landscape in NYC and the US, and suggest innovative solutions to making money as creatives and entrepreneurs in the city.

Listen to this awesome podcast episode and find out some awesome tips to creative money-making solutions. You can come back to our Youtube channel weekly to find our podcast In the District.


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