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It's a business.

When starting a brand and a product you're not just a brand, and you're not just a product. It's a business. so you need to treat it like one. But easier said than done right. How do you start marketing your idea as a business? Where can you go to get the support you need to bring your business to life successfully and maintain it?

Brand and product go hand in hand. So here's one of the things we do at Clutch Made to help you start on your business journey.

Pinterest is a great tool because its user friendly and acts as your perfect grid for a moodpboard, cutting out all the designing work! We use this platform with our clients to start understanding their brand, product and of course, business. What are you designing? What does it look like? How do you use it? Who is it for? What is your brand? What is your unique selling point? These are some questions we like to ask ourselves when looking at a potentially profitable and marketable business.