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Lineapelle trends

As the season of tradeshows, fairs and Lineapelle, #clutchmade is here to recap, review and look ahead at the trends for the year. So what have we found from being in the garment district and working in the manufacturing industry?

This year is all about the era of simplifying. Trends in making are going to explore three different perspectives all with the key idea of simplification.

1. Enhanced Basics

This trend is all about speed and digital synthesis. A new kind of design is all about geometry, mathematical caluculations and minimalist forms. Technology is used to simplify complexity and provide innovative solutions.

2. New Romance

Colours have become romantic with the use of technology to create new and unreal shades. Glittering shine and sheen create a surreal atmosphere. This new modern romanticism is created with delicacy and bright pastels.

3. Manual Processes

This third trend is all about simplicity, authenticity and craftsmanship. Imperfections and crafted qualities express human touch and work. Manual processes and local making is the Newtro vision [new retro], where heritage is renewed and valued.


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