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Making your accessories in the USA with pride

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

As Pride month draws to a close, we continue to celebrate and support marginalised groups by promoting difference, embracing acceptance and tolerance and continually speakig out against ignorance.

Along with the end of Pride month came the fourth of July, another celebration of what it means to be a modern day American. So in lieu of these calendar events we decided to celebrate what it means to make accessories in the USA.

Clutch Made is an institution for making marketable accessories in the USA. To truly make in the USA with pride, our clients have a PASSION, an IDEA, and a DRIVE to bring their product to life. We start with a free call or paid design consult where you can start to communicate and visualise your goals for your product and bring them to life. We then take a lot of pride in providing only the best USA produced tech packs, patterns and samples by sourcing all your designs' needs for production.

To make in the USA means to make locally, supporting the Garment District in NYC and other local businesses, whom we have been developing contacts with for over twenty years.

But we don't just stop there. Making in the USA also means being proud of your USA roots. We offer branding, merchandising, photography, videography, websites and social media that can elevated your now final product and create a marketable brand experience that drives home your message and your business!

To top of your #madeintheusa brand, you can also sell with us on Clutch Bags Dot Com. Our curated site for the latest in American fashion and style is a #girlboss run platform that supports emerging female designers who make in the #USA. Stand out in the crowd and be empowered by other small female-owned businesses by selling with us today!

Too busy to fully take on your passion-project? Or trying to juggle time during the summer? Try our perfect back-to-school course that will walk you through the steps of making marketable accessories in the USA with pride - all from the comfort of your own home and time frame ! Check it out H E R E

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