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Manufacturing with Us in the USA

HoW Does it work?

You can contact us here to start the process! First, you can book a design consultation, then we create tech packs (detailed and measured pictures of your designs). After we work with you to source your material, that is when we start production! All of the manufacturing happens in our in-house factory.

We create samples to make sure that your designs come out just the way you want them to! Clutch Made can offer ethical American Made products at the same time as eliminating the inferior quality, high shipping costs, miscommunication and delivery time problems associated with far east production. We can manage all your production needs with an extensive network of suppliers — no order is too big or too small!  We manufacture orders from 10 units to 10,000 units, all made in Manhattan.

We work side by side with organizations like MadeinNYC. The Pratt Center for Community Development, was created to support the entrepreneurs and innovators of the 1,200 companies in the New York Garment District. They drive the vibrant and diverse economy by creating sustainable jobs in local communities across the five boroughs.


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