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Meet Luane : product design manager @ Clutch Made

Updated: May 12


Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Luane has been interested in fashion since she was just a kid sewing doll clothes. This passion intensified while living in New York City and studying Fashion Design at Parsons.

For her, fashion and accessories are a way to express oneself and communicate without words. When she’s designing something, Luane goes for a feminine yet simple aesthetic, inspired by the possibility to make someone else’s day better with pieces that bring beauty and practicality to women.

I sat down to talk with LUANE to get to know her a bit more and this is what she had to say.....

Where are you from?

So I’m from Brazil, I was born in Porto Alegre. Then I lived in New York for a year while studying at Parsons and returned to Porto Alegre. Now I’m here in New York in the office.

How long have you been working at Clutch Made?

I’ve been working for Clutch Made for two years now. I started working with tech packs and now I work in material sourcing and talking to a lot of you guys.

Can you describe what your everyday life looks like?

I start almost every day by waking up early and exercising. I go to the gym and run, and walk my dog, Stella. I also have another dog, Buddy, but he's a 16-year-old poodle so he gets to do whatever he wants. After I walked Stella and I had breakfast, I start working. Lunchtime is a big thing in Brazil, so I have my lunch hour, and then at the end of my day, I usually walk around the neighborhood.

Where do you find inspiration?

I feel like we find inspiration pretty much everywhere. Everything that we see makes an impact and that just stays in our brain. So I think I find inspiration in movies and songs by just going out and walking around the city. It's a great thing to get inspiration from and if I'm ever not in the best place creatively, I like to go out for a run or for a walk and that really takes off the anxiety that holds me from being creative.

How do your surroundings influence your work?

I like to work with a huge table and have all of my materials in front of me, everything that I need to do, all the tasks written down and I feel like it needs to be a place where you can focus. But also, for me, working is just going task by task and taking little breaks between them. I feel like that is the best way for me to be creative and to keep being good at my job and not making mistakes.


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