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Meet the maker: tequilla wheeler

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Tequilla Wheeler, a Clutch Made maker, sat down with us to talk about her brand T. Nicole. From why she reached out to Clutch Made Factory, to her advice for emerging designers, read more...

Introduce yourself and your brand.

T. Nicole designs premium handbags for women with distinct taste. My brand stands out and will become the newest handbag company to develop accessories a woman can take from sassy to classy and from edgy to elegant. T. Nicole will be the premier leather handbag company with lasting quality, unique style, and sensible prices. I know the feeling of wanting a designer handbag without the price tag. I developed T. Nicole for other women like me. Women who want quality, style, functionality, and accessibility. Every shopper should be able to stretch their dollar without sacrificing their high-end taste. My ideal client will understand that T. Nicole allows them to maintain their standards of excellence and luxury while going against the grain, going after their dreams, and going against the norms of society. When a woman carries a T. Nicole handbag it is clear that she will never be put in a box and she takes her power by the tortoise handles.

What made you reach out to Clutch Made factory?

I reached out to work with Clutch Made based on seeing the other designs that were created for other designers. I liked that every piece was high-quality and stylish, and it fit with the vision of my brand. I started T. Nicole to provide quality, stylish handbags at sensible prices so every woman could experience luxury without breaking the bank.

How would you describe yourself as a maker and designer?

I am a connoisseur of high quality, luxury fashion wares, and I enjoy a great designer statement piece. My love for fashion began decades ago when my knack for stylish coordination and beautiful things collided. For as long as I can remember, I’ve redesigned handbags, clothes, and accessories to make them more stylish. I adore simple and elegant fashion. Every shopping trip becomes a moment of joy for me as I touch delicate raw silk sheaths and quality leather handbags. The price tag doesn’t always bring me joy though. The cost of quality goods, though available to me through hard work, doesn’t seem feasible for everyone, and I want to change that. I truly believe everyone deserves the ability to experience quality and luxury in life. My company, T. Nicole, offers quality and luxury in the form of beautifully designed and crafted handbags for every lifestyle.

What is the story behind your accessory/accessories?

T. Nicole represents pure joy in luxury. In everything we do in life, we are crafting our dreams, choosing our experiences, and creating our own joy. T. Nicole brings genuine leather, hand-stitched seams, and stylish adornments to the hands of individuals who love stylish, functional, and beautiful accessories. At T. Nicole, we add a touch of happiness to every handbag. We add our tortoise, acrylic handles to each bag to bring a unique element of style and functionality. In the world of a million handbag brands, T. Nicole weaves joy and luxury together to bring a smile to every person who carries one. Each handbag we sell is meant to empower confidence, beauty, power, and joy.

How has your making experience with Clutch Made been?

My experience with Clutch Made has been very pleasant and carefree. I’ve had a few consultations with Laura, and she proved she knows her stuff. Anytime I have a question or concern she is available to assist and it makes my life easier being a one-woman CEO where everything falls on me to execute.

If you could give one piece of advice to first-time makers what would it be?

Always invest in yourself always because if you are not willing to invest in yourself no one else will be interested in investing in you.

Where can our readers find you and your product?

My T. Nicole Signature Handbag can be found at and on Instagram and Facebook at t.nicoleofficial.


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