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New: social media consultation

Are you ready to take your brand online but have no idea where to start? Do you have an awesome product but no clue how to sell it on Instagram? Our NEW social media design consultation is the perfect service for you! Keep reading below to find out more...

Our Social Media Consultation covers all the necessary basics of social media and how to set up your brand online. Learn how to create content, hashtags, find followers and become your brand's art director. Fine-tune your visual identity and find your own brand voice! Rylie Cooke, our social media project manager takes you through all of the key steps of building, maintaining and growing your social media pages. The consult includes a homework PDF for you to fill out prior so you get the most out of the consult, as well as tip videos sent to you in a follow up email.

During the consult we go over your goals, social media journey and what you'd like to gain from the consultation before moving into your branding, demographic and aesthetic. We step you through the set up and then give you tools and resources for building your page, creating engaging content and more!

Book a consultation for yourself or a loved one today, or email with any questions!


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