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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Photography + Video

Clutch Made offers our clients clean, classically beautiful photographs of their accessories that will reflect the quality of their product on or off model. Managing Principal, Laura Dotolo has brought to the photo/video table years of styling expertise as well as some of the best photographers and videographers in NYC. The Clutch Made Team is professional and well versed in product shooting on and off figure~ experience gained from working with the likes of Coach, Tory Burch, Elle Magazine, InStyle and Bloomingdales, to name just a few..

Video is everything now! Do you need a crowd funding video or an "ABOUT" video for the landing page of your website? We can produce it for you, with a storyboard, editing, music, hair and make-up and directing at a price that works for your budget.

Affordable, with high aesthetic, we offer quick turn around times with quality high resolution images which are perfect for all your website and social media platforms.

Contact us here to find out more and start producing and selling your accessories today!

Photography: Recent Project

We recently did a photoshoot here in NYC for Clutch New York, BeachBACC, Cane Island Accessories, and Luis Stevens.

Getting the shoot organized is the first step for us. We need to book a model who will be holding the handbags and accessories for us. We then choose the wardrobe that would work best with the brand and style of the handbag/accessory. A location has already be scouted, so we know where we will be shooting each accessory and what the background will be. This time we chose a more centralized midtown location as we are shooting handbags and accessories for a work lifestyle. We also like the background walls and streets for our other designers. The photographer and our founder, Laura Dotolo had a creative meeting before hand to decide the shoots and look of the model and positioning of the bags/accessories.

Not only do we take your pictures, we can work with you through the entire process: design ideas, tech packs, sourcing, pattern/sample making, producing, and website/social media. You can even sell with us on our sister platform,!