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our online course 50% off

It's not too late this holiday season to start your design journey. Or why not give the gift of design? Our online course is the perfect tasted for what making marketable accessories in the USA is really like. With over thirty years experience from our team at Clutch Made, the course takes you through step by step lessons on how Y O U too can create in the USA! And not just create but establish a marketable and T H R I V I N G business - all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And the best news, is that our online course is now 50% off with the code COURSE50 Don't miss out on this amazing offer!

Tailored to you and your needs the course takes you through how to get started making accessories in the USA from planning and scheduling to making your product and building your business. Broken down into five manageble lessons, you'll learn how manage and map out your design process, how to brand your business, how to create moodoards and visually plan and design your products and then how to market and strategise your brand and products. The final steps to creating your accessories in the USA will also be thoroughly explored and the next steps you can take will be outlined so you don't have to wonder 'what now!'

So why do you need it? At Clutch Made we have seen first hand how many people come to us with a great idea but with no direction on how to get started. It's important for people  to become more informed about how to not only create a product, but how to create a brand they are passionate about. The secret is really that building your brand while building your product equals building a business. The course will introduce you to the tools that are necessary for you to organize your ideas and get them "down on paper". The course will assist you in  moving closer to taking your passion from idea to reality.

Take your time, work through it when it suits you, and take one step forward to building a solid business platform for your soon-to-be marketable product. All made in the USA.This course will take your passion from idea to marketable product, whether it's your side hustle, your new career or a your favorite hobby. It will teach you all you need to know about making accessories in the USA. You can find more about it H E R E or head to our services page to discover more about how we can help you M A K E in the USA.


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