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Recycling with Helpsy

What is helpsy?

Helpsy is an organization that collects pounds of clothes — 20 million just last year! They set up container locations as well as up-cycling materials. In addition, the organization gives clothes to those in need.

Why is this important?

The 20 million pounds that they saved from the landfill has the impact of cutting 320 million pounds of CO2 emissions, 20 billion gallons of water, and the electricity usage of 10,000 American homes.

HoW Do you help?

You can become a host to a container!

Benefits as Stated by Helpsy

  • A corporate social responsibility initiative that appeals to your community, looks good to shareholders and does good for the environment.

  • An immediate revenue stream for your business that's aligned with social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

  • Opportunity to find new social impact alliances. We can optionally donate the money you raise from the containers directly to a cause of your choice.

  • With retail facing a historically difficult time, container placement can be a vital opportunity to increase customers through increased foot traffic.

  • CHELPSY is working on ground breaking initiatives that incentivize people to come to your containers—think automated discounts at stores in and around your locale.

Read more about Helpsy here.

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