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scrunchie mania & UNIQUE ACCESSORIES

According to Teen Vogue, Scrunchies were '2019's biggest fashion trend'. Hallie Spradlin, an accessories director, noted that this was due to an influx of nostalgic culture, and the revival of television shows, movie remakes and band come backs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. This reflection on the old-school quickly became a 'new' trend that we saw everywhere from street style, to high end runway and social media.

The team at Clutch Made saw this trend influx, not just second-hand, but in the number of clients wanting to make all kinds of hair accessories or more off the beaten track accessories. So where do they all go? There are most definitely factories overseas who are mass producing these kinds of products at cheap prices. These factories however, are the furtherest away from ethical and sustainable. For brands and designers who hold these values, but also wanted to contribute to their local economy and support small businesses, it can be hard to find a place to manufacture your designs.

Once you do find a good one, they often specialise in fashion or handbags specifically, so it can be a long process. What we do at Clutch Made is open our minds and capabilities to all kinds of accessories. Over the years we have produced some amazing accessories from classic cross bodies and hand bags, to dog collars, face coverings, beach chair covers and more. We love working with clients to help them produce their latest concepts from start to finish.

When we were approached by Crown Affair to produce some of their hair accessories locally in the USA, our team said YES! Not only were we very much on the scrunchie bandwagon, but we also were incredibly passionate about finding ethical, sustainable, economic and local solutions to mass production overseas. Making in the USA is the core of what we do, so we are always open to extending our repertoire.

With over thirty years of experience in the industry both fashion, accessories and manufacturing, we help clients from the initial free call to the manufacturing stage. All the support you could need from sourcing, tech packs, samples, photography, branding, social media, and more we do in house with a team of amazing designers and creatives.

Are you ready to dive into creating some scrunchies, or have an awesome accessory idea? Schedule a free call with our team today!


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