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Sell Your Brand Before Selling Your Product

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One of the biggest challenges brands face initially is creating attention and the right reputation they need to get a kickstart on selling their products. Using the internet is the perfect platform that allows the founder to reach people globally at an efficient cost. Remember to focus on a certain group because diving into the internet is like jumping into an ocean—it's huge and easy to get lost or unnoticed! Gaining popularity takes time, so give yourself a head start!

Show Your Work

This doesn't mean you have to have your product ready. Show the behind-the-scenes of your production or even just the inspiration behind your ideas like mood boards. People are interested in the process and want to know where your brand is coming from. The more transparent you are, the more people will connect with your brand. The next thing you know, you've formed a brand community. 

Tell Your Story

Go ahead and start a blog. Make sure your website is set up and easy to navigate. I know for me when I stumble upon a new brand, I read the "About" section first. By telling your Startup Story, you are also able to smooth the transition from just content to product sales for many of your long-term readers. Launching a product without history is sudden and a bit random for consumers. By having a story people can connect to, you will ease them into the idea by bringing them along on your journey. After that, you'll have preorders waiting for you! 

Build Excitement

Have fun and tease your viewers with any content! Don't overthink of creating the "perfect" content because something is better than nothing. Show sneak peaks of your latest products. Your goal is to be consistent and authentic. Share what you love and people who love the same things as you will find you! Whether you use YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, use the right hashtags to connect and build followers. 

Post by Amanda Wang

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