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Start Creating Your Own Handbag Collection The Right Way

Do you have a passion for handbags? Do you love the idea of starting your own handbag line, but don't know where to start? If so, we have the perfect online course for you! In this course, we will teach you everything you need to know about making accessories in the USA. You'll learn how to start your own handbag line from scratch and turn your passion into a marketable product. Whether it's your side hustle, new career or favorite hobby, this course will help you achieve your goals!

Imagine how incredible it would feel to take your passion from just a dream, all without leaving home. Now imagine doing this in an online course that lets you explore and learn at the pace of life as if it were a work session with experts who know what they're talking about! With our online course, you can take your passion from a dream to reality without leaving the comfort of home.

In five lessons, the course will introduce you to the tools that are necessary for you to organize your ideas and get them "down on paper".

Lesson one is all about getting started. You will learn how to use our tools, which are designed for visual planning and timelines so that you can develop your accessories from start-to finish!

In lesson two we help you develop the brand for your business and start the process of designing your product. We talk demographics, locations, spaces, practicality and usability.

Lesson three will guide you through the five main categories for gaining inspiration and visualizing your design. We walk you through the steps of actually designing your accessory and how to do it.

The three 'P's' for branding are critical to any successful accessory brand, and lesson four will walk you through how social media & marketing fit into the picture.

The final steps for creating your accessories in the USA will be covered in depth in lesson five. From design consult to final product, lesson five will bring together everything you learned in lessons 1-4 and offer some next steps for bringing your passion to life.

Our exclusive online course will take your passion from idea to marketable product. It will teach you all you need to know about making accessories in the USA. Get started today!


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