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The business builder bundle

Are you ready to start your business? Looking for the perfect tools and resources to ensure it's successful? At Clutch Made factory we'll help you build your dream business, and support you every step of the way. Of course we have all kinds of services that can help you design your dream accessory, but our business builder will really get your business going.

In a new world of business, small and emerging designers can't just make and sell accessories, it's all about being a multi-faceted brand, and marketing your product successfully. That's why the team at Clutch Made has come up with the trifecta of essential business building blocks. This trifecta includes our design consult, tech pack consult and social media consult. Between these three consultations, you will learn all of the steps you need to build a successful business, as well as receive individual one on one support from our team, who will offer tools, tips, resources and more!

Our design consultation help you begin designing and making accessories in the USA. We will show you all the steps from creating your brand to selling your product.

Our tech pack consultation will help you develop or improve your tech pack - an essential part of the design process. We will review design details, specs, concepts and work with you to find the best solutions to bring your product to life, all while taking into account USA’s manufacturing capabilities and your budget. Our social media consultation is a one on one with social media project manager and will give you the understanding, tools and resources to tailor, develop and implement your social media goals.


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