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The Difference Between Leather & Vegan Leather

There are always pros and cons to both sides of the party, but I'm not here to tell you which you should or shouldn't use. That's completely up to you! Maybe you want to use vegan leather but you're not completely sold on its durability. Here are a few important facts about genuine and vegan leather.

Genuine Leather

Remember, when I say genuine leather, it doesn't necessarily mean it's higher quality; it simply means the leather is real.

Composition: Natural, organic hides are from the upper most layer of the skin—the epidermis. Longevity: GENERATIONS! It also generally improves with age. Care: Mild soap, water and formulated leather cleansers.

PU Vegan Leather

For those who don't support natural leathers or prefer a cheaper option, vegan leathers might be right for you! Maybe it's neither of the above and you just like the way it feels. There's nothing wrong with that! Composition: Polyurethane is applied to the base fabric and an artificial grain is added to mimic the texture of genuine leather. Longevity: The polyurethane will crack and peel off over time.

Care: Soap, water, alcohol, bleach

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Post by Amanda Wang


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