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The Key to a Successful Sample is in the Sourcing process ​

Insider tip: Creating a standout bag starts with a well-crafted tech pack, but the magic truly happens with the right materials... This is where the material sourcing process becomes crucial. The materials and hardware you select can elevate a simple design, making it look exquisite.


The same tech pack can be adapted into a casual, everyday bag or transformed into a chic statement piece simply by selecting different materials such as tan pebbled leather or bright fuchsia croc-embossed leather. The lining material plays an important role too, with options ranging from luxurious lambskin to an array of fabrics that add both functionality and elegance to the interior of your bag. When selecting hardware, keep in mind the variety of available finishes and the impact different pieces can have on your bag's overall look and feel. 


This process can be a lot to handle if you're not sure what you're looking for, but Clutch Made is here to help streamline things for you. Our Online Course and Design Consultation will guide you on how to make the right choices. Whether you’re interested in woven fabric, leather, or an eco-friendlier option, we’ve got you covered!

Online Course

As part of the material sourcing process, we'll review materials and hardware together, showcasing options that deliver the texture, structure, and style you desire. If you already have a tech pack and are considering Bundle #2, our Online Course + Design Consultation offers the tools you need for successful sample development.

Get ready to make your bag a showstopper! By choosing the right materials, you'll turn heads with the perfect blend of style and function.

Let's get started!


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