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Choose from our bundles below and pick the services that best suit your needs.

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BUNDLE #1 - Design Consult + Techpack + Sample/ Pattern

Design Consult - We will work with you to formulate all your dimensions, details, hardware choices, functionality and the materials for your product. The design process is the necessary first step.

Techpack - Our product developers will create a tech pack for you, which is an informative tool that designers use to communicate with the sample maker. It contains all the necessary components needed to construct a product. Typically designers will include measurements. (edit)


Sample/Pattern - Once you have your design with all your specs, it becomes a working pattern. Only then are you ready to make a sample! (edit) final process for your sample.



BUNDLE #2 - Design Consult + Techpack + Sourcing + Sample/ PATTERN

Design Consult - (See above)

Tech Pack  - (See above)

Sourcing - We are experts in sourcing, and finding anything you need. We will locate the raw materials needed to make your design a reality, from Canvas, to leathers, exotic skins to PU, Vinyls and much more. Our team will source your specified selection of zippers, magnetics, fillers, interior lining, custom hardware and packaging. Our team will work with you know to develop custom hardwares.

Sample/ Pattern - (See above)


BUNDLE #3 - Three for three 

Choose any of the following three options and get a quote.

Option 1-  Tech Pack + Sourcing + Sample

Option 2-  Design Consult + Sourcing + Sample 

Option 3-  Design Consult + Tech Pack + Sample


BUNDLE #4 - Design Consult + TP + Sourcing + Sample/ Pattern + Brand Audit +Logo

Design Consult - (See above)

Techpack - (See above)

Sourcing - (See above)

Sample/ Pattern - (See above)

Brand Audit - The Brand Audit will clarify and streamline your brand in order to be more consistent and recognizable. Our team of branding strategists works with you to curate your brand! We will provide a crucial next-step checklist to support your brand growth.


BUNDLE #5 -Design Consult + TP + Sourcing + Sample/Pattern + Product Photography + Website + Social Media

Design Consult - (See above)

Tech pack - (See above)

Sample/ Pattern - (See above)

Product Photography - We provide you with styling, art direction and high quality product shots for a great price. Our professional photographers here in New York City are the best in business, alongside creative director Laura Dotolo who has 20 years of styling expertise. We provide you with beautiful, quality product shots for your website and other platforms. 

Website - Our team will work with you to design your very own website on popular platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress. We will merchandise your products with detailed descriptions and images. We also create your first blog to get you started on your website, all of this while keeping your brand identity in mind. Sites are simple enough for clients to manage after set-up.

Social Media - We will setup and register all your social media handles for your accounts. Our team will populate your handles with appropriate hashtags and images that will work best for your brand.