Time for design

You have the passion. You have the idea. And you want to develop marketable accessories and a sustainable brand. You want to make in the USA. Why wait any longer? During this period of #socialdistancing and #isolation, we may be feeling a little lost, or we may find ourselves with more spare time on our hands. That's why now is the perfect time to embark on your design journey of making accessories in the USA.

How do you do it? At Clutch Made we provide manufacturing services to get you started developing and making your accessories in the USA. We start with a design consultation before offering professional business and design services, including: Tech packs, Sourcing, Sample Making, Production, Branding and Marketing. But we understand that life can get busy sometimes, or maybe your passion is your side hustle and you can't commit all your energy to it just yet.

That's why we want you to know about our amazing online course, which can be the perfect tool to push you to make in the USA during this isolating period. Our online solution is the perfect step to get you started on your journey. Take your time, work through it when it sui