usa today, usa tomorrow

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

If you're following the media and news coverage right now you may have seen all of the articles releasing with a title like 'seven ways the pandemic will change the way we shop'. CNBC even reporting that sixty-eight percent of people who have recently shopped locally have tipped more than they normally do in the month of April. Shoppers have started to realize how much they appreciate mom-and-pop shops, whether that's brought on by a need to help their community, or seeing the closures and devastation economically that this pandemic has had on US communities.

The pandemic has instilled in many consumers a greater interest in local shopping, as well as manufacturing locally. Not only has this come from the need for people to be supporting each other during this time, but also from the realization that so much of the world and the USA relies on international manufacturing and internationally produced goods and services. Clutch Made Factory has always been ahead of the curve on this front, with designers coming to us for support and help in developing local brands to last, by designing, sourcing and making in the USA. So what's next? Whilst we are continuing our ethos of making in the USA today, we also look to the USA of tomorrow to see how and where we can be the firsts to revolutionize the way we think, make and shop locally.

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