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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Clutch Made Factory is thrilled to announce our collaboration with V Mora, happening this Monday, July 27th at 1pm EST- live through Instagram & Facebook. In the age of Zoom, online meetings, instagram lives and socially distanced activities, Clutch Made is adapting to the changes we have all had to embrace. With it being more important now more than ever to support and buy locally, we are also thrilled to be working and collaborating with amazing female founded platforms like V Mora to talk about our mutual interests and established NYC companies, and create a dialogue online. During this live broadcast, founder of the Clutch Made Factory, Laura Dotolo, will be speaking with founder of V Mora, Anna Livermore, on exciting topics like how to find the perfect factory, and understanding your product. Keep reading below to find out more about V Mora and our collaboration.

Established in 2008 by Anna Livermore, V. Mora is a fashion business and production consulting company that works one on one with independent designers. They offer help at every touch point of developing fashion businesses, from pattern making to sourcing, marketing and production management. What excites us the most about this collaboration is the cohesion between our two companies. Both female founded, Clutch Made and V. Mora strive to empower their clients to develop the brands of their dreams. Side by side, both companies work in different fields in the Garment District of NYC, a beautiful synergy where fashion and accessories have combined into what is sure to be an amazing conversation between these two successful business owners. We'd love for you to join along on Monday 27th, at 1pm EST to hear more about these two women and the awesome conversations they will touch on, bringing expertise from both angles and providing insight, tips, resources and more! You can even ask questions through the live feed to maximize your experience. Stay tuned via our instagram to hear more details!


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