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why usa made is so important

In a recent New York Times article discussing "Made in China", Amelia Pang's investigation of forced labor practices, sheds a light on why making in the USA is so important, not just for the environment, but for people. In the aftermath of 2020, as our worlds readjust, other worlds not too far away are being exposed on their increasing number of people forced into unethical labour.

As a society during a pandemic, it was only natural that we began to rely more heavily on things like Amazon, UberEats and having groceries or shopping delivered to our door. But perhaps what we did not consider - is how this demand for goods delivered to our doorstep impacts other communities, our environment and our local economy.

The way we are continually consuming and increasingly so - is unsustainable. When we consumer goods often made overseas or in China, the notion of them being made far away acts as a guise for us not understanding or comprehending the consequences these goods and services create. And we aren't just talking consequence, we are talking about whole communities and their wellbeing. From detailing awful living conditions, to forced labour, minimal or no working wages, dangerous and horrific working conditions and constant fear. Brands we have come to depend on, love and know in the USA are responsible for turning a blind eye or condoning forced or cheap labour, because they in turn develop cheaper product. Supply chains are not only to blame though, consumers need to be more conscious of where their shopping comes from and hold brand accountable, or stop the demand. If there is no demand there is no need for supply.

Our capitalism puts brands on a way to shorten time, save money and make more money.

Most notably, fast fashion increases pressure and demand for constant style changes, cheap clothes and trend based pieces - all at the expense of peoples wellbeing.

So whilst we may all know deep down that making in the USA is important, we need to address our values and belief and change our habits to making and consuming. USA made means ethical production, ethical treatment and safe working environments with fair pay. It also means more sustainable products, local materials, local businesses and local economies.

So make in the USA today with Clutch Made Factory and allow your products to be ones you believe in and are proud of.

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