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Why we love this one woman's American dream

Clutch Made loves this Bushwick greenery initiative that reflects our ideals of made in the U.S.A and emphasises how a dream can become a reality with a little bit of help....

Yemi Amu grew up in Lagos Nigeria, where she feels there was a much stronger connection to produce and livestock. After moving to New York she was inspired by the idea of aquaponics and studied Health and Nutrition Education at Colombia to bring this rooftop garden to life.

Oko Farms is a small Brooklyn rooftop space with a 2,500 square foot aquaponic system. The symbiotic system acts as housing for fish and plant varieties and has been recycling its water since 2013. The concepts of using fish waste to fertazlise plants in water creates a cycle of sustainability. Oko Farms also allows city-dwellers to learn about agriculture and promotes a healthy city lifestyle.

Clutch Made believes in dreams that are made and brought to life in the U.S.A. Our mission as the factory you can talk to is to walk you through a design step-by-step until you end up with your dream visualised. As our factory is in New York City we are always inspired by creatives with dreams for a U.S.A made environment, and who bring community identity to our city.

Are you feeling as inspired as we were after reading this Bushwick Initiative? Why not head to to start trying your dream into a reality.


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