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2 Reasons Why Having a Side Hustle is Essential for Your Career

Did you know most successful startups start as a side hustle? More often than not, people's professional career don't incorporate a creative side that individuals desire, but it's also important to separate personal interests from work. Here are two reasons why starting a side hustle might be the right move for you!

1. Separating your personal interests from your professional life

There's always the right time and place to whip out your sketchpad to write or draw down your ideas. People dream about starting their own business but are easily overwhelmed by the process. Don't be! The Clutch Made Team is here to help you along the way. It is easy to get immersed in corporate culture, especially if you like your colleagues and the work you are doing; however, be careful of getting lost in another culture and abandoning your own! Keeping a healthy balance between thinking about work and pursuing your passion will help you align yourself and stay motivated! 

2. Monetize Your Interests 

Maybe your hobby doesn't have to turn into a business, but why not make some extra money off of something you dedicate your time to for enjoyment? By combining another source of income and your interests, you have the start of something big. Surround yourself with people who share the same interests and work together to for a new community. Remember it's your passion so don't be so critical of yourself when things go wrong. Start small with a freelance work or one product. After all, it's always easier to find people willing to pay for work that you enjoy! 

If this appeals to you, start your side hustle today!  The Clutch Made Team not only goes over the business side but we can also create with you through a design consultation. From just an idea to going into production, we will make your side hustle happen! Learn more here. 

Post by Amanda Wang


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