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3 Steps To Finding The Perfect Accessory Factory

As a designer, choosing a factory is like finding the perfect home. You want to make sure it's worth your money and provides all the services you need. Whether you're starting a new line of clothes or accessories, working with the right factory is essential for your business to blast off. 

Here are the steps to follow for finding the perfect accessories factory for you:

1. Know What You Want The Factory To Do

Factories do more than assembling your product together. Let them know whether you want them to source the materials for you, create the pattern for your accessory, work with you on designing from scratch, or all of the above! Here at Clutch Made Factory, we can work on developing your product regardless of what stage you're on. 

2. Do Your Research

Go ahead, get recommendations from your peers and use your network to figure out which factory is reliable and produces good work. Personal reviews can go a long way for your narrowing down the options. In the UK, Let's Make It Here is the perfect platform for finding local factory while Maker's Row is a similar database of manufacturers that you can search by category, keyword or location, based in the US. 

3. Stay Local and Visit

Why search overseas when you have local factories that can work with you to avoid overseas shipping logistics and customs issues? For less experienced designers, working locally can also offer peace of mind – being closer to where your handbags or small leather goods are being manufactured will make you feel more in control of your business. Best of all, you get to meet the people behind the work. 

Contact us here to schedule a meeting with us and meet the team! 


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