4 Benefits of American Factories

The 4th of July is a day full of people having fun with their friends and family to watch fireworks after a backyard barbecue— I mean to celebrate our independence from England, of course.

For me, I wanted to share why supporting Made In USA factories is important, especially now that I see everything behind the scenes of the productions. Learning about the benefits and meeting the clients inspired me to write this blog to inspire you as well. 

Here are a few key reasons why you should support Made In USA products or even manufacture your own goods in the America.

Humanitarian Aspects

Let's face it, people feel patriotic when they support the U.S. economy and help create more jobs for Americans. By working locally, people can meet the workers behind the product production and see what their working conditions are unlike the factories in Bangladesh. Watch The True Cost to learn more about international factory conditions and the instability. 

Fewer Business Risks

When you work internationally, companies often run into risks such as property theft and devaluation with the U.S. dollar. Another challenge with outsourcing from other countries is the language barrier. For example, important instructions for product specifications or shipping terms may be lost in translation when communicating with foreign suppliers.