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A Guide to Seasonal Marketing

During the end of year celebrations, there is always a question from small businesses about seasonal campaigns. How does a brand make better use of commemorative dates to strengthen branding and/or to increase sales? We put together some tips here on how you can use the holiday season to your advantage.

1- Consider Creating Seasonal Products

Some brands choose to create specific products for commemorative dates. One of the greatest and well-known examples are the famous Starbucks seasonal cups. You can replicate this strategy - it is possible to create limited products characteristic of specific dates. However, as with the creation of any product, it is necessary to plan dates so that production can start months in advance, ensuring that your products are ready on the planned date. There are a few ways you can incorporate the Holiday festiveness in your products - from special prints to entire new products. If you want to start your own Holiday collection, make sure to schedule a call with our team.

2- Creation of Collateral Materials

A simpler but equally effective process is to create commemorative collateral materials. Think of special packaging, commemorative cards, among other graphic materials, that can add value to your product. This way, you can market your existing products without missing out on commemorative dates.

3- Seasonal Branding

An online presence and presentation on social networks is undeniably necessary these days. Therefore, one of the ways to incorporate the festive spirit into your brands is the planning and creation of online graphic materials that are within the seasonal theme. Some brands even change their logos during special occasions. In a virtual setting, the sky is the limit for your creativity.

If you are interested in knowing how to build your brand or want to strengthen your branding, don't forget to check out our Design Consult and our Social Media Consult.

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