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Bring your ideas to life

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Sometimes, it can seem a bit challenging to bring your ideas to life. You might not be certain about the outcome or specific details on how you would like your product to look. So where do you begin? 

Scheduling a design consultation is the first step to making your #accessorygoals happen! The Clutch Made Team is excited to bring your ideas to life. Our product developers here are experts in their field and want to work with you to produce the accessories that you have envisioned. We can turn your ideas into products that are carefully crafted and manufactured in the heart of New York City! 

Manufacturing your bags and accessories in the USA is a value that not many brands offer. When you develop your product with Clutch Made, you can be certain that quality is high on our list of priorities. Once you schedule your design consultation, all of the basics like who, what, when, and how your product will be developed are be discussed. Following the design consultation, we will be developing a tech pack, sourcing your materials, producing samples and then manufacturing the final product.

What are you waiting for? Let Clutch Made help bring your ideas to life! Book a design consultation with us today. We are the factory you can talk to.

Post by Alyssa del Valle


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