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Catch your sneeze with dust bags

Designer bags and shoes often come with a dustbag. What's the purpose of a dustbag and when and how should they be used? What happens if your bag or shoes no longer have the dustbag? Here are all the answers and how to create your own dustbag without sewing.

Dustbags are intended to protect expensive handbags and shoes from color transfer, sun exposure, excess moisture, and dust. They can also be used to wipe down a bag or shoe.

It is especially important to use a dustbag when storing in a sunlit environment, or if the item is in contact with another material that may not be colorfast. Always slightly stuff any structured items like a Celine luggage bag or knee-high boots before putting the item into its dustbag.

Beware. Dustbags created from synthetic fabrics can trap moisture and cause mold and other problems if excess moisture is introduced. No worries though; most high-end dustbags will be made of a breathable fabric that extends the life and beauty of leather and other materials.

Did we mention that dustbags are a sustainable packacking alternative? Forget plastic, waste and non eco-friendly materials. The dust bag is practical, utilitarian and sustainable. It can be multi functional and be used later in life as dust bags for other accessories, storage or just a cute way to organise your wardrobe.

So how can you get started making dust bags for your accessories? #clutchmadefactory will take you through the steps to source the materials, finding the perfect combination to compliment you #madeintheusa accessory. Head to #clutchmadedotcom to find out more about the wide range of services we offer!


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