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clutch joy with clutch made

A Yello article, posted this week, gave four advantages of giving gift cards this holiday season. The first being the convenience of gift cards. Gift cards allow for shopping at the receivers own pace, they can spend time shopping, and curating their own perfect gift. Gift cards also reduce hassle for the shopper, as they can purchase them online without going in-store, which is a bigger perk currently with the pandemic. Gift Cards also allow you to be thrifty. If you have several holiday gifts to buy, you can stop overspending by allocating gift cards amount to certain people. You don't have to spend money on wrapping, or a card, as everything is then virtual and hassle-free. Gift cards make shopping for gifts easier. If you don't have time to shop, or you're unsure of what to get your loved one, gift cards act as thoughtful, curated presents. People will never return a gift card, you can't go wrong. There are always those unwanted presents that you'll never really use, but hate to throw out. Maybe the end up in the trash, or maybe they're regifted. Either way, you can be sure that gift cards won't go to waste. Their ease to use, accessiblity and convenience, as well as long periods of time before expiration, make them really useful presents. People also have the freedom to use them as they please, whether it's selecting their own gift, or putting the gift card towards something larger they may want or need.

This holiday season, the team at #clutchmade have curated our new gift cards, and gift card specials over on Clutch Bags Dot Com. You can shop them HERE, and keep reading below for more info on what each gift card offers.

Our Clutch Bags gift card gives your loved one the choice of selecting their own USA made and #girlboss accessories. For our Clutch Made Gift Cards, we have included our Online Course, to take them through making marketable accessories in the USA from the comfort of their own home, and our design consultation, an hour long meeting to get you started with the process of visualising and developing your product and brand. If you're looking for huge value this holiday season, our bundle of the course and consultation, is $285, valued at $375, and helps your friend or loved one take their side hustle or hobby from passion project to profitable business. You can shop all of our gift cards HERE!

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