Communicating with your design team

So you're ready to start your design journey and make in the USA. Maybe it's your hobby or your side hustle, maybe it's been a dream for a little while, either way you're ready to bring it to life. If you're making in the USA you'll probably be communicating with all kinds of different small businesses and business owners. Maybe you have one place helping you with design and one manufacturing your accessories for you. Communication between you design team and manufacturers is incredibly important. Not only for your product and brand, but for your time, your money and your business.

That's why after so many years in the industry we started to wonder why there wasn't one place that did all of that for you, leaving out the tough communication. So we established Clutch Made Factory. For those who don't know our business, we do everything from your initial call to your final marketable product and beyond. We offer free calls just to get to know you and understand what point you are at with your brand, how much time you can dedicate to it and where you want to go.

Then our services go on to a design consult and range between any service that you need such as tech packs, sourcing, patterns, samples and