head back to school

As the final term for the year sets to begin this Fall, keep your own mind busy by heading back to school with our new online course. Designed to be taken in your own time from the comfort of your own home, you'll learn the steps you need to make marketable accessories in the USA. With all of the resources, tools and support of our virtual team you'll understand the step by step process of developing your American made brand and accessories. Take your idea, hobby, side hustle or business to the next level. This fall is the perfect time to take your hobby or business to the next level. Clutch Made is thrilled to offer our online course for you to take this Fall.

In the COVID-era you may be struggling to find the inspiration or tools you need to get your business idea or product rolling. As businesses have shifted online and small business owners have adapted to these technological adjustments, the Clutch Made Factory brings you the perfect way to get started making accessories - from the comfort of your own home.

With your extra time working from home this Fall, our online course will take your small business from idea to reality with everything you need in simple steps to help you achieve your goals of making marketable accessories in the USA. With the programs, tools and resources you need to start outlining, researching, visualising and developing your brand, product, demographic, business model and more.