How To Prepare To Sell Your Accessories!

We hear ya! You're sitting in your living room looking at inventory overload. All you want is for the boxes to disappear so you can finally enjoy your living space again! Here are some tips that will prepare you for your sales and promote your product.

1. Set Up Your Social Media

Before you launch your product, make sure you've set up all your social media pages. The perfect way for a customer to learn more about your company is by having a visual to remember. Set up an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to release sneak peaks of your accessory or maybe even behind-the-scenes shots of the product development process. People are curious about who you are!

Don't know where to start? The Clutch Made Team has your back! We can set up your social media pages and work with you to organize a posting schedule to get you on your feet. Check out our social media services here.

2. Build A Website

Okay, you saw