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How To Prepare To Sell Your Accessories!

We hear ya! You're sitting in your living room looking at inventory overload. All you want is for the boxes to disappear so you can finally enjoy your living space again! Here are some tips that will prepare you for your sales and promote your product.

1. Set Up Your Social Media

Before you launch your product, make sure you've set up all your social media pages. The perfect way for a customer to learn more about your company is by having a visual to remember. Set up an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page to release sneak peaks of your accessory or maybe even behind-the-scenes shots of the product development process. People are curious about who you are!

Don't know where to start? The Clutch Made Team has your back! We can set up your social media pages and work with you to organize a posting schedule to get you on your feet. Check out our social media services here.

2. Build A Website

Okay, you saw this one coming. Having a website is the perfect opportunity to make that first impression count! Having a poorly designed website can easily drive a customer away. Have the tabs ready for where you're going to sell your accessories, a page about your company, and great visuals! Photographs shot in high resolution will transform your website to be more credible and high-end.

Contact us for a quote on our photography services or any questions about setting up a website. 

3. Write Blogs

Fill your website with content while you wait for production. The more relatable and personal your company is, the more appealing to the customers. Go ahead and share what inspired you with the designs you created or a story on how you got your company started. Read the Clutch Made Factory Blog as an example of what you could write about.

Remember, but writing blogs and using key words about your line (i.e. leather bag, handbag, Made In USA, accessories, lifestyle...), your website becomes more searchable online! Tagging and hash tagging your work will put you out there! People are constantly googling products and services they need onto their search engine, so become apart of it! 

4. Product Launch Party

Just show off your bag already! Your friends and family want to know what you've been working on. One of the best ways to get your product out there is by hosting a small gathering with your close ones and even influencers. Invite people who will share your product on social media and give reviews before your product hits the market place. The trick is knowing what the customers want before they do. Tease the public with your accessory a couple times; the more they see it, the more likely they'll end up making a purchase! 

Think about how Steve Jobs hyped people across the country to pre-order the newest iPhone. Focus on the people and not the product. Don’t just talk all day about what your product does or why it’s superior; show them a compelling picture of how it's going to make their life better. That’s what gets people excited and ready to make their purchase! 

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